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Unless you're referring to the tinned meat, we don't like SPAM. It wastes time and money for everyone so please read our SPAM poilicy if you are considering mass mailing using a FedWeb account.

SPAM Policy

Wednesday Apr 25th, 2018

We believe that SPAM is the scourge of the Internet and we are not prepared to allow our services to be used to propagate it, or for sites we host to be promoted using it.

By SPAM we mean:

In the event that we receive complaints regarding your domain the following action will be taken:

Here are some guidelines to help you ensure you do not end up having your web site/email account terminated:

Why must we be so strict about this?

Because, if we ignore spammers using our services, the following will almost certainly happen:

Reporting SPAM

Dealing with SPAM reports is a time consuming process and we would appreciate your co-operation by following these three rules: