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Imagine a world where your web site grew your business. Where you could adapt your presence on the Internet in real time as your business needs change.

Platinum Package

Wednesday Apr 25th, 2018

The Platinum package is the ultimate package if you want to show off a wide range of products or services professionally. This option includes a tailor-made†design for your web site to give it the exact look and feel you want. It also includes a product/service catalogue to display what you are selling in detail.

E-mail aliases can be used to direct e-mails to the right people in your company. Autoreplies can also be used to confirm to your customer within seconds that their e-mail has been received.

This is for companies that want to fully utilise the web to expand or compliment their existing business.

The Platinum package offers you:

£300p.c.m. (minimum 12 months)