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We can support your business in a whole range of addition ways. From search engine optimisation to setting up 0800 numbers, FedWeb has what it takes to boost your business.

Pre-Registered Domains

Wednesday Apr 25th, 2018

Here is a list of domains that are available for use.

You can use any of these domains free of charge for your FedWeb web site or email (subject to availability), alternatively you can lease or buy them for use elsewhere.

Domain Comments For
www.alert-training.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.april1st.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.aprilfirst.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.brla.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.brla.org.uk   Yes Yes
www.bulb.org.uk New single word domain! No Yes
www.cleaner.org.uk Superb domain for any cleaning services! No Yes
www.collector.org.uk Sub-domains available - Unbeatable! No Yes
www.cream.org.uk   Yes Yes
www.efficiency.org.uk Great business domain! Yes Yes
www.future.org.uk   Yes Yes
www.happy-day.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.journalist.org.uk A must for any jounalist. Sub-domains available. Yes Yes
www.left.org.uk Left Handed? Yes Yes
www.lion.org.uk   Yes Yes
www.loyalty.org.uk   Yes Yes
www.mydiary.org.uk   Yes Yes
www.olcschool.com Online Learning Centre, Our Lady's Convent etc.. Yes Yes
www.our-ladys.com   Yes Yes
www.performer.org.uk   Yes Yes
www.pine.org.uk Selling Pine? Yes Yes
www.psma.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.psma.org.uk   Yes Yes
www.safedrink.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.scarborough.org.uk Perferct for any local business! Yes Yes
www.SpeechEngine.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.SpeechEngine.net   Yes Yes
www.stpetersschool.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.tel.org.uk   Yes Yes
www.therapistweb.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.trickedyou.co.uk   Yes Yes
www.tune.org.uk   Yes Yes
www.wax.org.uk   Yes Yes