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We can help to solve your web site problems immediately. We know how frustrating it is trying to find a web site that allows you to do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Hidden Web Site

Wednesday Apr 25th, 2018

Your existing web site looks OK but when you search Google or Yahoo for your site it's not showing up. 

What a waste!

What can you do?

Well, basically you have three things you could do

  1. Nothing
    If you're not happy with things as they are, that's probably not your best option.
  2. Let FedWeb improve your existing web site
    We can help you by changing your site in various different ways to improve it's performance with all major search engines.
  3. Start again with a fresh web site that works well with all major search engines and also gives you complete control
    We can build you a fresh web site that looks good and works hard for your business.  Most of our existing customers have 1st page ranking on search engines such as GoogleTM for their chosen key phrases.  This is due to our build quality and content advice that comes as standard with all our web packages.

Remember, though there are no miracle cures.  Your web site content must be relevant and you must allow time for the search engines to list your site. 

N.B. Anyone who claim results like "We guarantee to get you on the top of all search engines", is at best wrong, at worst are trying to con you.  You have been warned.