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We have been delighting customers with content managed sites for years. We aim to exceed your expectations at much less cost than you would expect to pay elsewhere

Examples of Our Sites

Wednesday Apr 25th, 2018


Intrinsic Training Solutions are experts in providing training into the food manufacturing industry. They wanted a site that worked quickly and easily for both customers and search engines. The site has to be changed regularly to always keep courses and information up to date.

The new site features on-line course booking system developed by FedWeb just for Intrinsic Training Solutions.  This gives them the ability to have people book on to their range of public courses held all over the Midlands, as well as book their on-line courses.

"We have been really impressed with the professional guidance and support given by FedWeb in totally changing the layout, adding new innovative ideas to the website.

The outcome is that we are in the top 3 of half a million results on Google for our chosen keywords. We are getting many more enquiries about our training courses and the number of people accessing the website has already doubled compared to the previous figures."

Rockingham PodiatryRockingham Podiatry are experts in keeping your feet healthy and are based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. They wanted a new web site that looks modern and will cope with a wide variety of devices including desktop, tablet devices and smart phones on all platforms. So that's exactly what we delivered.  The beautiful web site graphics scale perfectly, no matter what device a visitor may use, so it's both functional and good looking.

As you would expect from FedWeb, our web site gives our client the ability to update the site wherever and whenever they wish. We also helped to provide a free-phone 0800 number and professional answering service to make the most of every new enquiry.


Chameleon Colour ServicesChameleon Colour Services started off as a simple and cost effective one page web site.  After a while the owner wanted to expand the site whilst maintaining  complete control of the site content, which can be edited by the site’s owner, simply and quickly.

The advantage of starting out with this kind of mini site, apart from the price, is that you can expand it at a later stage, as Chameleon Colour Services did.  If you decide to expand to a full web site within 90 days we will even give you a discount.

Talk to FedWeb about a web site today.  



Kalkan Turkish Local NewsKalkan is an up-market tourist destination in South-West Turkey.  This site was is designed to not only bring the latest news from Kalkan, Turkey and around the world.  It also has a business directory, knowledge bank of everything you would ever want to know about Kalkan.  Amongst the most popular features are the local news, 360 degree tour of Kalkan and several live webcams showing images over Kalkan Bay and through the town.

"Since our launch in 2009 we now have 8,000 members and the number is growing every day. We now regularly serve millions of pages to visitors every month and have become the most popular Kalkan focused web site.  FedWeb have exceeded our expectations time and time again."


PLC Training

PLC-Training provides training to both UK and overseas companies. They wanted an attractive site that allowed their clients to find the course they want - quickly! This site allows the user to find the course from one of the many menus or via a text search. The site then allows the user to download pdf documents with all the course details.

"Our FedWeb site makes it easy for our customers to find us and to find the right course quickly. With the email marketing package, we can send high quality emails to our clients in seconds and track their activity.

We now get all our new business from the web site alone - we couldn't manage without it!"


Eskdaill MedicalWhen you're providing health care to thousands of people you need control over the information you provide but without having to be a whiz-kid. FedWeb's content management system makes updating your site a pleasure. It allows you to add images and documents for your clients' convenience.

"FedWeb provides a very professional service at competitive rates, whilst still achieving a very personal and individual approach. We now feel confident to provide the information our patients need in an effective, up to date and attractive web site.", Eskdaill Medical


Prospect HouseEskdaill medical recently moved to a new location, Prospect House, containing a pharmacy and another medical practice. The new facilities were so impressed with the behind-the-scenes functionality and great value that both Prospect House and Prospect Pharmacy have chosen a FedWeb site in the same style as Eskdaill Medical. 



Sense Massage TherapySense Massage Therapy has a clean and professional style to it. It uses a multi-level menu system which, along with the site content, can be easily updated.

The site provides good interactivity by emailing personalised price quotes to potential customers.  It also allows the user to test their stress levels, (Resources>Stress).

"It's like having a top salesman working for us 24-hours-a-day.
Not only can new customers find us easily, our live price quoting system means that the site actually sends personalised email quotes to prospective customers in seconds!"