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Imagine a world where your web site grew your business. Where you could adapt your presence on the Internet in real time as your business needs change.


Wednesday Apr 25th, 2018

A domain is your identity on the Internet.

With e-mail the domain is the part after the @ sign.(E.g. In the e-mail address you@example.com, example.com is the domain)

Web Sites
You can use your domain to point customers towards your web pages when they surf the Internet.
So www.example.com would take them to your web site.

Do you need a domain?
If you would like your own e-mail address that you can keep forever, then yes. Forget ever having to e-mail people to tell them that you have had to change your e-mail address again!

If you need an easy-to-remember e-mail address, then yes.
jane@janesplace.com is easier than janeb0341@hotmail.com

A good domain for a web site is essential if you want to be easy to remember. Most search engines also use the domain name to help direct people to the most suitable web sites.
freespace.yourisp.net/mike.davis/index.html is not quite as catchy at www.mike-davis.co.uk

We have a range of pre-registered domains that are available to lease or buy. 

If you choose any web site package above 299p.a. then you can use any of our pre-registered domains for your web site at no extra cost.