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Backed Up Recently?

A remote backup can keep your photos, music, documents and downloads safe.

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When Did You Last Backup Your Files?

Wednesday Apr 25th, 2018

Recently, one of our clients had their laptop damaged and contacted us for help in recovering the data.  The laptop contained irreplaceable digital photographs spanning several years along with important letters and business spreadsheets that would have taken months to recreate from scratch.

We asked our client when they had last run a backup.  Their answer was, "Never"!

Fortunately, our story had a happy ending and we managed to recover most of the critical data from the laptop.  It did, however, make us think about taking a fresh look at back up software.

Over a period of months we evaluated several software packages, looking at price, features, reliability and other customer reviews.  In the end we decided to give our approval to a great package called iDrive.

Why Should I Bother?
Well, you need to work out for yourself how much it would cost to replace the following:

If you don't mind losing all these then you don't need to do anything.  

If, howver, the thought of losing any of these makes you worry, then try out the FREE 2GB iDrive package.

If you have lots of photos and songs then the 150GB package will keep them safe and effectively allow you to take the family album with you wherever you go.

iDrive is a remote storage solution.  The benefits of your backup being remote include:

Easy Peasy
All you need to do is download the software (link below) and run it on your computer.  The software is very easy to follow and the set-up wizard will guide you every step of the way.  The user friendly software does all the hard work in the background with no fuss and nonsense. 

So, once installed, you can relax knowing that your most important photos and documents are being stored safely.

In terms of value we reckon iDrive is unbeatable.  You can start off with a free (yes that is FREE - no strings attached) account that gives you 2GB (that's about 500 songs or 1500 photos).
You can also choose a massive 150GB package (that's about 37,000 songs or 110,000 photos!) for just $  4.95 USD, that's about 3 per month.

What You Need to Know
Web Site: https://www.idrive.com
Click on the DOWNLOAD tab at the top of the web site, then click on the blue "Download" button on the right-hand side of the page.

Packages available:
    2GB - Free (recommended for most users)
150GB - approx 3.30 (US$  4.95) - ideal if you have lots of photos and songs
500GB - approx 9.96 (US$ 14.95) - only needed for serious storage or small business users